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Felixstowe Yoga Studio

Coming to a yoga class for the first time may seem daunting, which is why Gemma’s informal home studio is ideal.  She teaches in small groups, where everyone can participate.  Gemma has a gentle, thoughtful way about her and cares deeply about people nurturing themselves whilst practising yoga.  This gentle approach is by no means easy though, in fact, it can be quite demanding. The body is however never under any stress or strain.  The beauty of the class is that people can do it at their own pace and feel comfortable.

Just Breathe


Yoga for all

Within the class we may consider floor exercises, standing exercise, balances, breathing exercises, meditation and relaxation; the main purpose being to support ourselves in our daily lives.  Gemma practises yoga herself as it enables her to do all sorts of different dancing, walking, gardening and household jobs without any lower back pain.  Some people have the misconception that one has to be flexible or a certain shape, weight or age to do yoga, but this is not the case.  The reason why people practise yoga is to feel better in themselves; the beauty of this tradition is that it affects both the body and the mind positively.

Yoga for Back and Chronic Pain

A new, floor based class allowing the ground to support gentle movements and stretching of the body.

Pebble Beach

My Story

The Journey

As a professional yoga teacher, Gemma has extensive knowledge and understanding of the way our bodies move and function.  She has studied movement, anatomy and physiology, injury treatment and prevention, obtaining a 1st class Honours degree, a Diploma in the treatment and prevention of injuries, as well as the British Wheel of Yoga Diploma.
Gemma lives in Felixstowe and thinks that it is a wonderful place to live.  She used to teach dance and fitness here in her twenties before having 3 children.  Gemma now enjoys her work in her studio and loves helping people to feel relaxed, refreshed and energised.

Client Reviews

"I have been attending Gemma's yoga classes for a year now and I know that they have helped to improve my posture, strength and flexibility. In addition I have recently become aware that her style of yoga has also helped my breathing, encouraged me to be less anxious and to let go of things that I cannot control"

“A friend told me about Gemma’s yoga groups and I contacted her feeling very nervous.  She invited me for an informal chat where I saw the airy light studio and she talked about how the class was structured.  This made me feel more able to give it a try as she offers the first lesson free, to see if people like it”.

Monday 9.15am
Monday 6pm

Tuesday 9.15am 
Tuesday 6pm

Thursday 9.15am
Thursday 10.45am

"Gemma Smith Yoga sessions helped me improve my physical strength as well as the mental aspect of my health. I feel stronger and healthier today than I’ve ever before, and can’t imagine where I’d be without Gemma Smith Yoga."

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